Hello again!

First of all, I am aware that I have not posted for a couple of weeks – I’ve been away on holiday but rest assured I am back and fully committing to the weekly blog posts again. So this is really just a quick post to say that I’m not going anywhere and that I am working on an a new piece to show you all.

You might remember that last month I was talking about an art giveaway (which could turn into something more regular if people are interested) and now I can finally announce the winner, for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter 🙂 Thankyou to everyone who took the time to enter and without further ado… congratulations to Laura Leatherwood – a brand new set of Derwent coloured pencils will be making its way to you soon!

I’m currently finishing up a drawing from one of my favourite cult-classic films and will be posting that later on in the week and then after that my next blog post will be something a little different. While I was away I had the chance to look at some completely different art styles, which got me thinking about originality and how to make art say something new. Drawing iconic celebrities means that I get most of my inspiration from online images and magazines, unlike many other portrait artists, who set up scenes and photograph models as a way of producing original pieces. So I’m taking a short break from my usual vintage celebrity drawings and will be experimenting with composing some art from scratch. This means photographing the subjects, choosing the poses and building a collection of art based on the more ‘real,’ rather than celebrity culture. It will be interesting to see how this compares to my usual art pieces. Will one be more original or unique than the other? Stay tuned!

Natalie x

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