Monster-Within-Pencil-DrawingWoohoo I’m back! Finally! 

Had some super annoying server issues which took ages to sort out but fingers crossed it’s smooth sailing from here and I can actually get back to regular posts again. 

So this week I’m going to share the story behind my favourite art piece so far – I’ve loosely called it My Monster, based on the American Horror Story television series. 



So basically the character I’ve created here is based on the character Tate in American Horror Story. 

Without going into too much depth (I can talk for a VERY long time about this tv show) his character is multi-layered:

On the one hand Tate struggles with anxiety, depression and mortality and on the other, well, he’s unsure if he’s dead or alive and kind of enjoys killing people. 


‘My Monster’

The idea behind the dual character drawing is maybe not quite how it first appears.

Quite a few people have suggested more of a Jekyll-and-Hyde interpretation, where half the time we behave one way, half the time another. 

Not exactly what I’m going for with this one though. 

Rather than a straightforward half-and-half drawing it’s more about what lives inside all of us (well hopefully not just me…), so stripping back the coloured pencil flesh, we find the greyscale skeleton…make sense? 

Of course the ‘monster’ itself can be anything you want it to be, or whatever you take from this piece in general really. I’m interested to hear your thoughts! 


The drawing stages

(Scroll down to the bottom for an American Horror Story video clip)



























American Horror Story

(Disclaimer: this show is for 18+)

I couldn’t write this post without showing you a little clip from the show could I? 



Until next time!

Natalie x

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