I want to begin by apologising for what you are about to see – there’s a reason why I never attempt self-portraits…

The Struggle

So the issue that I have with the dreaded self-portrait is that I’m not overly enthusiastic about looking at myself in the mirror. I think most of us have this problem. I’m not going to launch into a long spiel about self-confidence and all that but needless to say, looking at yourself for an extended period of time definitely proves challenging.

I did attempt to draw myself using a mirror but:

a) The lighting in my bedroom is terrible

b) After 20 minutes of staring at myself I’d had enough…

c) I find it easier to draw from photographs because it’s what I’m used to doing (I’ve not been in the presence of the likes of Uma Thurman and Margot Robbie).


This is me by the way 🙂

Who Am I?

No, I’m not getting all philosophical (well, not too philosophical anyway) but after the failure of drawing from a mirror, I thought I’d try and draw myself from memory.

I found this impossible! I didn’t know where to start and, other than the curly hair, I couldn’t remember simple things like the proportions of my own face. It got me thinking – how many of us hardly know our own faces? I’d like to think I could recognise myself in a line-up but when it came to drawing myself and acknowledging distinctive features, I just couldn’t do it.

Maybe this is because I don’t really look at myself in that way – meaning from an artistic perspective. Often when I look at people, I think about how they would look as a sketch or pencil portrait, so proportions, facial features etc do register quite a lot with me. This is why I was surprised that I couldn’t do this with myself.


Finished pencil sketch of myself – not bad?

Finished Product

I finally settled on printing out a photograph of myself and drawing from that and it didn’t go too badly. It’s definitely not one of my best pieces but I think that I managed to at least capture a likeness – although others will probably know better than me. Unfortunately, I had to make this one a rough sketch because I have to admit that I did get bored of drawing myself after a while. So no coloured pencil art this week but next week I’ll be writing a post about my Gone Girl interpretation – a piece that I’m much happier with!

If you’re up for a challenge this week, I dare you to have a go at drawing yourself from memory – how well do you know yourself?

Natalie x

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