Happy New Year!

It’s 2017 which means all the clichés about fresh starts and positive changes come out from their Jan/Feb 2016 hibernation.

Okay I can be more upbeat about the new year than that…I just don’t think all the ‘resolution’ labelling helps. At least not me anyway.

So I won’t be doing dry January but I am going to cut out alcohol this month – for myself rather than to jump on the back of a trend but that’s enough about me…

Art Resolutions?

Well if you’ve read this far then you’ll know I’m not really about resolutions as such (I’m proactive what can I say) but I do have some new ideas for my artwork:

  1. More blog posts – I usually wait until I’ve finished an actual masterpiece before I blog about it but this just isn’t practical. So I’m going to blog more regularly even if a work is in progress.
  2. More giveaways – I’d love to do more giveaways so I’m going to try to do one every 3 months (I want the prize to be decent).
  3. More art! 

Oh and see below for a preview of a portrait I’m working on at the moment.

Over and out.















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