This week I’ve been working on a larger scale portrait of the human face (my sister kindly agreed to pose for me). If you saw my post last week then you’ll know that I’m working towards a final piece of sorts – this drawing is a work in progress but it should be finished by next week.  I’m definitely feeling more comfortable moving away from celebrity drawings, although it does still take some getting used to.

My pencil technique has been slightly different with this drawing: I used bold colours and pencil strokes for my Uma Thurman piece, whereas I think the expression of this picture is bold enough so I’ve gone for much softer tones and used the smudging technique for the majority of the skin so far. Smudging is probably one of the easiest but effective coloured pencil techniques and it’s great because it makes you look pretty professional (if I do say so myself). It’s a good way of creating an even tone with pencil, especially if you’re a little heavy-handed with colouring!

You’ve probably noticed the picture is fairly close-up – something which I do not always attempt to convey. I wanted to try something a little more difficult so I’ve been focussing on tricky facial features i.e. eyes. There’s nowhere to hide with a zoomed-in portrait like this because every tiny detail is noticeable. My aim, alongside capturing a likeness, is to somehow manage to get the eyes to follow the viewer around when looking at the piece as a whole.

Hopefully I can rise to the occasion…

Natalie x




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